To apply for an Unmanned Operators Certificate applicants are required to compile and submit 3 Manuals to CASA; Operations Manual, Flight Manual & Maintenance Manual. We can help you compile the UOC Manuals and help you through the whole process.


To apply for your Unmanned Operators Certificate (UOC), you need to develop and submit the following manuals to CASA:

  1. Operations Manual
  2. Flight Manual
  3. Maintenance Manual

Below is an explanation of each of these UOC Manuals.

Operations Manual

The operations manual is a comprehensive document that details how you will conduct your operations in a safe manner and includes the below parts.

  • Part A – General
  • Part B  – Operating the RPAS
  • Part C  – Internal Training
  • Part D  – Operations (Flying)
  • Part E – Training School
  • Supporting Appendices

Flight Manual

The Flight Manual is a document that relates to flying administration. It refers to pilot qualifications, log books, Flight authorisations, flying standards and daily flight inspections.  It is broken into the following sections.

  • General Information
  • Flight Personnel,
  • Flight Administration,
  • Checklists (startup/shutdown etc),
  • UAV Data Sheets
  • Supporting Appendices

Maintenance Manual

The maintenance manual is a document that relates to maintenance personnel, maintenance records, maintenance authorisations, battery management and supporting documents. It is broken into the following sections.

  • Company Maintenance Procedures,
  • Maintenance Records,
  • UAV Maintenance Manuals,
  • Supporting Appendices.

UOC Manuals – Writing Service

If you wish to be self-sufficient and operate under your own UAV Company, you will need to become a CASA certified UAV Operator.

To do this you have to follow an application process which includes the creation of the UOC Manuals: Operations, Flight and Maintenance Manuals. The creation of these manuals, and the associated risk matrices, is both time consuming and complex.

This is especially the case for those without an aviation background but Aerial Hotshots experienced personnel can help you wtite your UOC Manuals. Our Chief Remote Pilot is a Commercial Pilot (CPL), our Head of Training is a Commercial Pilot Flight Instructor  (CPL) and our Head of Standards is an Airline Pilot. (ATPL) In conjunction with you, our experienced personnel will write these complicated UOC manuals and can guide you through the whole process.

We can even assist you with preparation for the CASA interview and flight test.

For more information follow this link to the CASA website.  https://www.casa.gov.au/aircraft/standard-page/operating-unmanned-aircraft-safely