Construction Video  Photography

Aerial HotShots construction video photography services include all forms of photography you would expect from a skilled photography company.  For the Real Estate & Commercial Industries we offer packages.

Construction Video

Construction companies have realised the benefits of using Aerial Hotshots to capture their construction and construction progress requirements using our construction videos service.

Our videos are captured using HD digital camera, stabilization systems, and sliders. The finished product is delivered to the client as a downloadable video file which you can then upload to your choice of video hosting

Aerial Hotshots offer a variety of video services and these can be ordered individually or as an ‘add-on’ service to any of our existing products. By ordering multiple products our clients receive a multiple product discount

Our videos capture the atmosphere of the construction site and can show the surrounding areas such as infrastructure.  These visual experiences leave a lasting impression on your target audience and are ideal for construction marketing.

With digital technology continuing to develop, online video and DVD display provides a competitive

Our videos will capture your requirements and communicate your brand and capabilities.

An Example of Construction Video Photography