Commercial Video Photography

Aerial HotShots commercial video photography services include all forms of photography you would expect from a skilled photography company.  For the Real Estate & Commercial Industries we offer packages.

Commercial Video

Aerial Hotshots works with Commercial Industries to produce commercial videos to promote a product or promote a point of view.

Our videos are captured using HD digital camera, stabilization systems, and sliders. The finished product is delivered to the client as a downloadable video file which you can then upload to your choice of video hosting. E.g.,, Company websites etc.

Aerial Hotshots offer a variety of video services and these can be ordered individually or as an ‘add-on’ service to any of our existing products. By ordering multiple products our clients receive a multiple product discount

The visual experiences from our commercial video productions will leave a lasting impression on your target audience provide a competitive edge.

Our services include Brisbane Commercial Video and Gold Coast Commercial Video.

An Example of Commercial Video Photography