Our Training UAVs

Aerial Hotshots has a number of multirotar and fixed wing Drones for use in our UAV training courses.  Our UAVs are workhorses in the Drone photography, Drone Survey and Drone Inspection industries.

About our Training UAVs

Aerial Hotshots operates a number of UAVs from simple photography drones, to asset & inspection drones and also survey drones. This provides our students with exposure to different types and multiple manufacturers which is very beneficial.

The DJI Flamewheel F450

The DJI Flame Wheel F450 is a multi-rotor flying platform that is designed for aerial photography,  general flying and of course training. When combined with the NAZA autopilot system, hovering and cruising are almost effortless, while rolling and other advanced manoeuvres can be  performed.

Training on this UAV is for the under 7kg Category.

The DJI S800 EVO

The DJI S800 is the higher end of the market.

The DJI S900

The DJI S900 is

The AscTec Falcon 8

The AscTec Falcon 8  is fitted with next generation sensors that provide significantly higher precision in the measurement of the UAV’s speed, attitude and position and therefore more reliable.  It has triple redundant IMU for maximum safety, three inertial measurement units to ensure quick and reliable data fusion, data verification and – in case of trouble – real-time error compensation.

Fixed Wing

Coming Soon – Robust, easy to operate Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS)  This is a  lightweight and durable fixed wing RPAS.