ReOC (Operators Certificate) 

A licensed Remote Pilot, who wishes to perform a commercial operation with an RPA 2kg and above, has to do so under an Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC)  To fly a RPA commercially without an appropriate licence and without operating under a ReOC, is illegal. Although the laws are changing on 29/9/16, this only relates to RPA (UAVs) that weigh less than 2kg.




To operate a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Drone, UAV) commercially (e.g. Hire, Reward, Benefit or Gain) you require two things:

  1. A Remote  Operators Certificate (ReOC), and
  2. A Remove Pilot Licence (RePL)

Yes, new laws commenced on 29/9/16 for the under 2kg UAV weight class.  However, professionals will require larger UAVs which weigh more than 2kg to carry better payloads and as such will still need a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) and an Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC).

Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC) Manuals

CASA has since simplified the process to obtain a Remote Operators Certificate and has provided templates that you can download from their website.

These templates include:

  • Operations Manual,
  • Operations Library.

You are required to update these templates so that it relates to how you will operate (standard and specialized operations & procedures), what equipment you will uses, develop pre and post-flight checklists, develop the forms, documents and appendices you need to use.

There is more detail below on the structure of these manuals.

The CASA Process to Obtain a Remote Operators Certificate

The process to obtain a Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC) consist of:

  • The completion of the Application Form,
  • The completion of the Operations Manual,
  • The completion of the Operational Library,
  • The completion of the Supporting documentation.

You are also required to pass a CASA examination that includes:

  • 1. CASA Chief Remote Pilot Practical Assignment Assessment.
    • This is where CASA will provide you with an assignment address and what the clients job requirements are.  You are required to assess the assignment to determine if it is legal and safe and complete all of the forms in your operations manuals and library.  This includes the crucial Job Safety Assessment (JSA).  This takes a number of hours to complete.
  • 2. CASA Chief Remote Pilot Interview.
    • This is a test of your general knowledge about rules and what is in your manuals.  This is a 2 hour interview including a review and discussion regarding point 1.

Operations Manuals

The Operations Manual must set out how you plan to safely manage the risks inherent in operating a remotely piloted aircraft and consists of:

  • Part A – Company Operations
  • Part B – Operating RPAs
  • Part C – Internal Training
  • Part D – Operations Part E – RPAs Training School
  • Part F – Maintenance Control Procedures
  • Schedule 1 – RPAs Operating Types
  • Appendix 1 – Copy of UOC Certificate
  • Appendix 2 – Permissions, Exemptions and Approvals
  • Appendix 3 – Flight Authorisations Form
  • Appendix 4 – Pre-Operational Briefing
  • Appendix 5 – Policy and Procedure Training Syllabus
  • Appendix 6 – RPAS Type Training Syllabus
  • Appendix 7 – Job Safety Assessment
  • Appendix 8 – Risk Management
  • Appendix 9 – RPAS Time in Service Log
  • Appendix 10 –Defect and Maintenance Log

Operations Library

The Operations library consists of:

  • Company Procedures
    • Normal
    • Emergency
    • Operations within 3nm of an Aerodrome
  • List of Aircraft you plan to use and the relevent:
    • Pre-flight & post flight checks
    • Maintenance Schedule
    • RPAS Maintenance and Operations Manuals(S)
    • Battery Management

Aerial Hotshots ReOC Support Package

We realise that there are many reasons why people seek support to write their ReOC manuals and common reasons include time and/or a lack of experience.  We are here to help. We offer the below ReOC support package that consist of three mandatory components. We will not separate these components as our professional reputation is very important to us.

1. We will act as your ‘Agent’.

We act as your agent for CASA contact and submission.  We use the CASA provided templates and add our input, content and expertise to produce CASA approved manuals.  This process requires input from you on how you plan to operate your business and multiple amounts of email and telephone communication. As your agent, we accept the risk should CASA require amendments to the submitted manuals. As CASA charges $160 per hour, multiple changes can be expensive but we take on that risk for you. You pay us a one off support fee and it’s our responsibility to get them approved.

2. Access to our Online Interview Preparation Modules

We realise it may have been some time between when you completed your Remote Pilot Licence and the CASA interview.  As such we will provide you with access  to our online learning modules to get you up to speed.

The online modules will cover:

  1. Air law
  2. Air Space
  3. Job Planning – Completing the Job Safety Assessment (JSA)

3A 3 Hour Revision & Interview Preparation Session with our Chief Remote Pilot You will meet with our Chief Remote Pilot over a 3 hour period, and discuss the practical application of the legislation, airspace management and the completion of the Job Safety Assessment.  In that time there will be discussion on the CASA interview and what to expect.

ReOC Support Cost

The cost for this complete support package which includes us acting as your ‘agent’, your application, your manuals, your access to the online learning module, 3 hours with the our Chief Remote Pilot and the pre-interview telephone call  is $995 (Gst Incl)

Remember, we are acting as your agent and we absorb any costs associated with CASA requested amendments to your application, manuals or supporting documentation. After we complete the application and manuals, we submit these to CASA.

CASA will assess the manuals and determine their cost to process and issue the UOC.  This cost is paid by you.  We just absorb any costs associated with required amendments to the application, manuals or supporting documentation.

Contact us to discuss further or Enrol Now.