1. E384 (New) Standard Package + Options

$2,638.90$3,738.90 AUD

The “between” price listed above simply reflects the ‘standard package’ without a carry case and with a carry case.

The prices are listed in Australian Dollars, Gst Inclusive and will automatically update based on the current USD exchange rate.

This ‘standard’ package includes a completely flight tested airframe, 3D Robotics Pixhawk flight controller, downloadable mission planning software, Quanum handheld remote controller, 1km telemetry, 1 fight battery, a charger and standard warranty. It does not include a camera,  a camera mount, the custom wiring to connect to the Pixhawk, a ground station PC or a carry case but you can select these as an ‘add on’ below.

The shipping cost, which are calculated at the end, include transport from the USA, Australian Custom Duty and AQIS Entry Charges.

You can add to the ‘standard package’ by selecting the options below.

  • Survey/Mapping Cameras

    • 499 $
    • 1199 $

    Survey/Mapping and NVDI Package

    • 1200 $
    • 1900 $

    Special Purpose Sensors

    • 699 $
    • 5899 $
    • 3799 $
    • 2490 $
    • 3990 $

    Replacement Airframe + Parts

    • 549 $
    • 49.99 $
    • 139.99 $
    • 199 $


    • $

    Strobes - Wing Tips & Fuselage

    • $

    Extra Flight Batteries

    • 0 $

    Post Processing (Bundle and Save)

    • $

    One Year Extended Warranty Options

    • $
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The E384 fixed wing UAS is one of the leading drones in the world for Construction, Environmental Conversation, Mining, Precision Agriculture and Surveying.

The price listed is the ‘recommended retail’ price.  Contact us for a better deal.


  • Dimensions: 190cm Wingspan, 130cm Length (75 x 51 inches)
    • Wings and body disassemble for easy transport
  • Weight: 2.5kg (5.6 lbs)
  • Endurance: 100 minutes with WX500 camera  and 80 minutes with QX1 camera.
  • Cruise Speed: 13m/s (29 mph)
  • Range: 70km (44 miles)
    • Map up to 960 geo-referenced acres per flight at 3.0cm/pixel resolution (390 Ha)
  • Payload: 1kg (2.2 lbs)
    • Automatic lens protection for landing
  • Complete mission planning and operations software
    • For your Windows 7 or 8 laptop (not included)
    • Autonomous flight, Return-to-launch, Automated pre-flight checklists, much more
  • Complete operating instructions online and downloadable
  • Operating Conditions
    • MSL Ceiling: 3,960 meters, (13,000 ft), – auto take-off tested to 3,100 meters, (10,000 ft)
    • Max wind speed: 10 m/sec, (22 mph) for autonomous operation
    • Telemetry Range: 1km from ground station to aircraft, (0.6 mi)
      • 10 km+ with optional long range radios, (6.2 mi)

Camera Options:

There are two standard RGB camera options for the E384: The the Sony WX500 and Sony QX1 . All cameras include an automatic hatch mount and utilize Intellishoot, which automatically takes pictures at optimal overlap to maintain consistency and eliminate redundant data collection. The major differences in these cameras are as follows.

  • Sony WX500 – 18MP Resolution (Shoots Portrait)
  • Sony QX1 – 20.1MP Resolution (Shoots Landscape)
  • Customized Canon Powershot S110 with infrared filters specifically designed to measure NDVI. Using ratios of visible light to infrared light, we can calculate NDVI, which allows for the detection of crop health.

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 140 × 28 × 33 cm
Standard Package: With or Without a Carry Case

E384 without case, E384 with Case ($600USD)


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