Remote Pilot License: Aerial Hotshots has been in operation for 10 years.  We are an ‘Aviation & RPA’ Company and operate commercially in the Industry. We have much more to offer than just a Theory School.

This is a CASA Certified Remote Pilot License (RePL) – Online Theory + 2.5 Day face to face at our office and the Flying Field. 

After you enroll in this course one of our friendly staff will contact you and provide you with your online learning access code. Once enrolled you will have access to the electronic student manual for reference throughout the course and a 210 page color printed student manual.

Aerial Hotshots has converted our new manuals into a online learning component.  This means a student can study the theory at home on their own computer. You notify us on the completion of the online theory and we then slot you into the next available 2.5 day training.  The 2.5 day training begins at 12md on a Friday and includes all day Saturday & Sunday. This is designed to reduce the need for students to take significant days off work to complete this course.

The Remote Pilot License Course Consist Of 3 Parts:

  1. Online Theory, and
  2. Classroom, and
  3. Field Flying

(1) The online part consist of:

  1. Theory,
  2. Quiz’s ,
  3. Practical Assignment ,
  4. Exam.

(2) The Classroom time consists of:

  1. Course Revision (Air Law, Airspace, JSA)
  2. Exam (CASA Approved Exam)

(3) The Field time consists of building the 5 hours of flight time required for your licence to a safe and competent standard.

The theory component of the course consists of the following:

  • Basic Aviation Knowledge for RPA,
  • Meteorology for RPA,
  • Human Performance for RPA,
  • Electrical and Electrical Systems for RPA,
  • Operation Rules and Rules of the Air (Air Law),
  • Airspace & Charts,
  • RPA Mission Planning:
    • Risk Identification and Mitigation
    • Completing the Job Safety Assessment

Completion of the Course

On successfully completing the complete course, you will be issued with a Remote Pilot Licence from CASA for any multi rotor under 7kg.

2018 Alternative Payment Option – 50% Now & 50% Later

For those that cannot afford to outlay the cost for the whole course in one payment, this new payment option may assist.

At the request of some of our students, we have introduced a 50% now and 50% later payment option.

How it works:

  • You pay 50% deposit at the time of enrolment and we will provide you with full access to all of the online theory,
  • You pay the 50% balance owing prior to attending the 2.5 face to face course.

Important Notes

  • The 50% deposit is non-refundable as you will be granted full access to our online theory,
  • You will not be eligible to attend the 2.5 day face to face until you pay the final 50% owing.

If you want to take this option, please contact the office and we will provide you will a discount code.  Enter the discount code in our online ‘Shop’ and the amount due will change.