Elevated Photography – Mast Photography

Elevated Photography is also known as Pole Photography, Polecam, Mast Photography & Elevated Photography – This type of photography involves our own portable photography system designed to capture an elevated viewpoint without the use of an aircraft or helicopter.  Elevated photography is generally not obscured by walls, fences or shrubbery where ground photography becomes unsuitable.

Elevated Photography Unit

An ‘A’ frame system carries the Elevated Photography Mast horizontally on a trailer and allows us to pivot the Mast into the vertical position for image capture.  On average most assignments are completed at 12 metres but when required when can elevate to 15 metres.

Benefits of our trailer mounted elevated photography system include;

Versatility – our most versatile option
Pneumatic launch ability
Upper & Lower adjusters for horizontal and vertical mast alignment
Large diameter and therefore more rigid Mast
Maximum Elevation of 50 feet (15 metres)

Types of Elevated Photography

Elevated Photography, Mast Photography, Pole Cam

Elevated Photography

The Elevated Photography Mast is elevated to a max height of 50ft (usually 30ft) depending on suitability of your requirements.

Elevated Construction Photography

Our Elevated Photography Systems are ideal for capturing Construction Progress. We launch the Mast in the same position monthly (bi-monthly or as required) and capture the progress changes.

Elevated Photography, Mast Photography, Pole Cam
Elevated Photography, Mast Photography, Pole Cam

Reduced Level (RL) Height for Architects

Aerial Hotshots uses a ‘laser’ to accurately measure the height of the Mast so that RL Height images are correctly captured

Elevated Perspective View Photography

Perspective view Photography is useful when a requirement is to compare imagery from different elevated perspectives.

Elevated Photography, Mast Photography, Pole Cam
Elevated Photography, Mast Photography, Pole Cam

Twilight (Dusk) Elevated Photography

Twilight photography produces images that are magical and provide our clients with another option to market a property. As the sunlight fades the artifical lights from the subject property and street lighting offers a unigue lighting scenario and produces beautiful images.