The Legal Use of Drones

Whilst Hobbyists generally fly Drones for fun, they are still required to comply with legislation and basic safety rules and are not permitted to perform commercial operations. This includes where they receive any form of hire or reward for their flight.  Commercial operations can only be performed by CASA approved companies and only flown by CASA licensed pilots and in accordance with legislation.

Legal Information

A Drone is the term used by most members of the public. Drones have many other technical names such as Unmamed Aerial Systems (UAS) and Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS).
The Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) Part 101 covers the Use of Drones and includes the use of Drones for Commercial purposes.
Commercial Drone operators require two things:

1. An Unmanned Operators Certifcate (UOC) issue by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, and

2. A Pilots licence issued by Civil Aviation Safety Authority. There are two types of licences:

(i) A UAV Controllers Certificate, or a

(ii)A Remote Pilot Certificate

This ensures the operations and performed safely and comply with legislation. Without these, a drone operator cannot obtain insurance and therefore YOU are at risk should anything go wrong whilst flying your job.
Aerial Hotshots has its own Unmanned Operators Certificate (UOC 1-139ZSJ-01) that authorises, aerial photography, aerial spotting and aerial survey and we also use an appropriately qualified and insured sub-contractor.
Remember, small drones may look like toys but they are not and can only be operated by approved companies and only flown by licensed pilots and in accordance with legislation.

Do Not leave yourself open to civil litigation by commissioning an unlicensed or uninsured operator!!!