Drone Overwater Operations

Images and video captured during Drone over water operations produces spectacular imagery.

Overwater Operations Photography

Whilst Aerial Hotshots will fly our expensive $10,000+ drones out over water to capture the right marketing drone photography image, prolonged Drone over water operations presents a high and unacceptable risk to our expensive machinery.  If an unexpected failure occurs and the Drone lands in the water two things will occur.

  •  1. The Drone will sink immediately and is generally unrecoverable,
  • 2. If recovered, the electrical components and camera equipment never work again.

Therefore, for prolonged over water operations there are two options;

  1. The use of our DJI S800 EVO Drone, fitted with the Sony Nex6 24MP and HD Video,  will incur an upfront bond payment of $3000.  This bond is refunded at the conclusion of the assignment provided there has been no unexpected loss of our equipment on over water operations.
  2. We use our DJI F450 Drone, fitted with a GOPRO Hero 4 Black that has a modified lens installed that removes the normal distortion.  The GOPRO produces 10MP images and HD video.  No upfront bond payment is required with this option.