Quadcopter Drone Photography

The Quadcopters have 4 engines, are single pilot operated that captures imagery in the direction of flight (no camerman required).

Quadcopter Drones

They are fitted with GOPRO camera and 3 axis camera gimbal which allows us to capture smooth and stabilized imagery.

An integrated GPS auto-pilot system that offers position holding, altitude lock and stable hovering and when we add our video downlink and monitor we can now see what the camera sees and position the Drone in the right spot to capture the right image.

The GOPRO produces high definition photographs and videos. The end product depends on the type of GOPRO used (see below examples)

The GOPRO does not produce imagery to the standard of the Sony Nex Cameras carried by our larger drones but there is a market for both products.

The below images show 2 of our Qaudcopters.

DJI F450

DJI Phantom 2

Modified GoPro Lens

Our Drones are fitted with a modified lens that removes the normal wide-angled fIsheye view captured with standard GOPRO. The resutant images better serves our clients.


The below examples are captured with our Quadcopter and GoPro

The below images are examples of the images that result from using the Quadcopter Drone fitted with the GoPro.

GoPro Vertical

This is an exampe of a vertical image captured by this Drone. This shot is ideal to add to any marketing package.