S800 Drone Photography

The DJI S800 EVO is a new generation of hex-rotor platform (6 engines) and designed for professional aerial photography.


It has a strengthened and rigid frame structure, strong and stable power system and also an efficient and abundant power reserve, retractable landing gear and high-performance vibration absorber kit which all helps us to capture the best imagery.

It can carry a larger payload (better camera) and is absolutely the higher end of the market when it comes to Drones.

Depending on the Camera Gimbal, sometimes you can have a pilot and cameraman working together to capture the imagery.

Our DJI S800 Superior Configuration includes:

  • A2 Auto Pilot System,
  • Superior Camera Gimbal,
  • Flight Telementry Display,
  • Bluetooth Connectivity,
  • Image Download Link,
  • Client View System

Example Images

S800 With Sony Camera – Image Taken at 24 metres


S800 With Sony Camera – Image Taken at 24 metres

Drone Panorama – S800 With Sony Camera – Multiple Images Stitched Together