Drone Asset Inspection

Drone Asset Inspection capabilities possessed by the AscTec Falcon 8 make it unique for asset inspection. In addition to its triple redundancy and high stability in challenging conditions, it has a unique ability among drones – the ability to zoom in on any structure and take ‘still’ photos or record high quality video of high value assets. As an Employer, you can mitigate these risks and reduce costs by using drone asset inspections. This leaves all your personnel safely on the ground or confined to safety platforms or walkways. The drone asset inspection capabilities are an ideal alternative to conducting such Inspections as they save clients time, money, produce better imagery and helping our clients to make an informed decision.

“A Smart, Safe, Efficient & Cost Effective Alternative to Traditional Asset Inspections”

Traditional vs Drone 

Traditionally, people are required to climb onto structures to conduct inspections. These high up workplaces present a risk to employees that has to be mitigated by the Employer. This mitigation include the provision of safety equipment, safety harnesses and scaffolding to protect the employee from falling. Beside the risk to the employee, all of this safety equipment is expensive if you have to hire a crane you will need a wallet full of cash.

This video demonstrates the capabilities of our asset inspection drones on a power station.

Tower Inspection – Video Capability

This video demonstrates the capabilities of our Asctec Falcon 8 Inspection Drone on a communications tower using HD video.

Tower Inspection – High Resolution Images

The below images are a sample of a tower inspection assignment we completed using our Asctec Falcon 8 Inspection Drone.

Air Conditioning & Roof Inspection

The below images are a sample of a inspection assignment we completed using our Asctec Falcon 8 Inspection Drone.

Online Inspection Tools & Inspection Reports

Inspection – Images Only – No 3D Model

The 36mp High Definition images captured on an inspection assignment can be uploaded into our web based Inspection platform.  We provided clients access to this inspection platform. Once these high definition images are uploaded into our web based Inspection platform:

  • The images can be reviewed,
  • Issues identified can be outlined and a comment added.
  • A Inspection Report can be generated.

The Inspection Report groups all of the issue identified and outlined together including the comments made comment, into a single report.

The image to the right, is an example of the type of information that is produced by our Inspection Report.


  • Efficient
  • Cost Effective
  • Minimise downtime and operational expense
  • Faster access to Data
  • Cost Savings = More Frequent Inspections
  • Reduces WPHS Risks.
    • Provides a safer working environment (no scaffolding, cranes or employees at risk)
  • Reduce Client Outlay for Safety Equipment
    • Our drone goes the work leaving employees safely on the ground
  •  Provides higher quality usable and measurable data

Drone Asset Inspection Types

This Drone is well suited to the following inspections:

  • Infrastructure:
  • Bridges,
  • Road Conditions,
  • Power lines & equipment,
  • Dams and reservoirs,
  • Wind farms & power stations.
  • Solar parks thermal monitoring of photo-voltaic modules,
  • Asset & utility inspection,
  • Storm damage Assessment.

Inspection Drone

With the Astec Falcon 8, flights can be programmed and saved so the next flight is programmed to to be flown exactly the same way allowing for genuine comparisons.

When legally required, or due to a challenges of a site, a camera operator is used to control the camera whilst the pilot flies and positions the UAV.

A ‘live view’ of the inspection is achieved through the use of our ground control station LCD screen and/or our video goggles. This view allows a client to make an initial diagnosis from the bird’s-eye perspective displayed.


For this type of work our AscTec Falcon 8 is fitted with one of the below payloads:

  1. Standard Payload: This consists of 36 MP Sony A7 Camera where every image captured is georeferenced.  eg.Position, time-stamping and orientation information.
  2. Inspection Payload: This consists of an FLIR Infrared and Photography Camera that synchronously records georeferenced photos and 14-Bit RAW thermal images.
  3. Video Payload: This consists of Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ71 video camera with has a 30x optical zoom that allows us to zoom in and gain a more detailed view of any issues identified.

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