Budget Survey Drones  

Due to a change in strategic direction, as of the 1st of January 2018, Aerial Hotshots will no longer offer drone survey services. Aerial Hotshots uses the DJI Phantom 4 Pro for our ‘budget’ drone survey assignments.  These Drones are used in conjunction with smart ground control points and flight management software to produce usable and actionable survey mapping data.

Due to a change in strategic direction, as of the 1st of January 2018, Aerial Hotshots will no longer offer drone survey services.

“A Smart, Safe, Efficient and Cost Effective Alternative to Traditional Surveying”

The ‘budget’ drone survey service is not suitable for all clients or assignments.  However, those clients that accept the capabilities and outcomes of this service are provided with a cost effective survey option.

Clients who use this survey service:

  • Do not require the highest resolution imagery,
  • Do not require the placement of traditional ground control points,
  • Accept the use of smart ground control technology (Aeropoints),
  • Do not require the imagery processed by a Photogrammetrist,
  • Cost effective alternative for geo-referenced imagery and survey data.

The ‘Budget’ survey drone does not have all the additional capabilities and outcomes of the ‘Premium’ survey drone services but provides a good option for many clients.

Budget Survey Drone 

Our ‘Budget’ survey drone service uses the latest product DJI Phantom 4 Pro, which is fitted with a 20mp camera and uses smart ground control technology called aeropoints to capture accurate and usable data.

Clients for this service include:

  • Local Councils
  • Refuge Site Managers
  • Developers
  • Construction Companies
Survey Drone & Asset Inspection Drone

Aeropoint – Smart Ground Control Points

We use the ‘Aerpoints’ for the ‘Budget’ survey drone service.  Traditional ground control requires the establishment of precise geolocation positions using expensive surveying equipment, and then securing a visible ground marker exactly on the pre-marked GPS point. However, this process is labor intensive and therefore costly to complete. The use of our AeroPoints , with built-in GPS that captures incredibly accurate positional data, saves time and money.

Survey Drone & Asset Inspection Drone

Processing Software & Inspection Tool

We have two options when it comes to image processing and this depends on the assignment and budget.

  • Agisoft is used to process the imagery internally,
  • Propeller is used to process imagery externally and can be used as a cloud based inspection tool.

Agisoft Photogrametry Software

Agisoft PhotoScan is a stand-alone software product that performs photogrammetric processing of digital images and generates 3D spatial data.

Survey Drone & Asset Inspection Drone

Propeller Software – Video Demo

The below video demonstrates the capabilities of Propeller, which is an Industry Leading Software tool for Drone Mapping, Surveys and Inspections.  It is accessible to anyone with a web browser and internet connection, Propeller Platform simplifies processing and visualization of drone data. With a few clicks, users can create, measure, analyse and share detailed surveys, high resolution maps or asset inspections.

Benefits, Capabilities, Outputs, Services

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