Remote Pilot Training Brisbane (RePL).  Our CASA RePL Remote Pilot Licence courses is broken into both theory and practical components with the theory delivered online, theory exams conducted at our RePL training facility, and the practical flying conducted at our flying field in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast. Contact us for more information.





The Syllabus is much better and includes the following subjects:

  1. Basic Aviation Knowledge for RPA
  2. Electrical & Electronic Systems for RPA
  3. Meteorology for RPA
  4. Human Factors for RPA
  5. Operation Rules and Rules of the Air for RPA (Air Law)
  6. Airspace, Charts & Other Aeronautical Publications
  7. RPA Knowledge of Operations and Procedures


The course includes:

  • Use of all our equipment including our variety of drones,
  • Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC)
    • Theory
    • English Language Proficiency Test (ELP),
  • All CASA fees

You need the radio licence to be able to operate in certain areas, such as Class C Airspace, and without it you are limiting your operations.



Aerial Hotshots has converted our new manuals into a online learning component.  This means a student can study the theory at home on their own computer. You just notify us on the completion of the online theory and we will then slot you into the next available 2.5 day training.  The 2.5 day training begins at 12md on a Friday and includes all day Saturday & Sunday. This is deigned to reduce the need for students to take significant days off work to complete this course.

The Online Course Structure will consist of:

  • Online Theory,
  • Classroom Face to Face Time which includes:
    • Refresher training on Airlaw, Airspace & Mission Planning
    • Course Exam consiting of:
      • Theory
      • Completion of Job Safety Assessment.
  • Practical – Flying in the field to build the 5 hour of flying required.


Our face to face classroom training is generally delivered from our base at Archerfield Airport. [Other locations when numbers permit]

This course is conducted over 4 days and includes:

  • Classroom time, and
  • 5 hours of flying in the field.

The course starts at 7.30am and concludes  at 5pm.

The course dates are set when demand dictates and includes:

  • Weekday course, and
  • Weekend course.


Remote Pilot Licence – Online 

The cost of our Remote Pilot Course where the theory is delivered via our online learning modules and 2.5 days in the classroom & flying in the field is  normally $1800 (Gst Incl) but is ‘on sale’ for $1595 (Gst Incl)

Remote Pilot Licence – Classroom

The cost of our Remote Pilot Course delivered face to face in our classroom at our Archerfield Airport over a 4 day period and includes flying in the field is $2195 (Gst Incl).

Flight Crew Conversion (Operational Training)

The cost for the Flight Crew Conversion Course is $695 (Gst Incl).         .



 Online Theory & 2.5 Day Face to Face Our students have indicated a clear preference to complete the online theory course as this limits the time required to be away from work. These students then attend a 2.5 days of practical face to face time which incorporates a Saturday and Sunday. The Online Leaning Module is available 24/7. On completion, we slot you into the 2.5 days of face to face training which is run Monthly.

4 Day Classroom Course The 4 day face to face Classroom Remote Pilot Courses is run when demand dictates. Our ‘Shop’ contains the details of confirmed course dates.

PAYMENT OPTIONS Course Payment is via our online ‘Shop’ and payment options include;

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card (via PayPal)
  • 50% now, 50% later

New For 2018 – 50% Now & 50% Later At the request of some of our students, we have introduced a 50% now and 50% later payment option. How it works:

  • You pay 50% deposit at the time of enrolment and we will provide you with full access to all of the online theory,
  • You pay the 50% balance owing prior to attending the 2.5 face to face course.

Important Notes

  • The 50% deposit is non-refundable as you will be granted full access to our online theory,
  • You will not be eligible to attend the 2.5 day face to face until you pay the final 50% owing.

If you want to take this option, please contact the office and we will provide you will a discount code.  Enter the discount code in our online ‘Shop’ and the amount due will change.

Course Notes

This is the Basic RPAS Course and covers the required CASA Syllabus to ensure you possess the required knowledge and skill to operate a Drone legally and safely under the provision of a Remote Pilot Licence. This is an Aviation Course and on the successful completion of it you are issued with a CASA Remote Pilot Licence and entitled to its privileges.  All Aviation courses are competency based and as such you must pass the theory and practical components to be deemed competent. This course includes the required 5 hours of drone flying to meet the requirements of the Remote Pilot Licence.

The 5 hours of flying is not designed to train you as a ‘Drone Racer’ but provide you with basic flying skills you need with an element of precision.

We understand that some students are already very experienced and competent in flying Drones or RC Aircraft and we will embrace those skills. However, this does not change the fact that you must complete this course (the CASA Syllabus) in both theory and practical components to the standard required. Remember, we are an aviation company providing an aviation related course to individuals so they can obtain an Aviation licence namely the Remote Pilot Certificate.

Ultimately, it all about the Legal and Safe operation of Drones.

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