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UAV Training – REPL – Remote Pilot Training

For an individual to fly a UAV legally for a commercial purpose, they require an appropriate Aviation Pilot Licence and must operate under an Unmanned Operators Certificate.   The Remote Pilot Course follows a training syllabus set by CASA and is designed for people with no aviation experience.  The UAV training is focused entirely on the operation of a remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS). Many companies offer UAV Training and these courses have many different names but they are all basically the same.  The other names include Remotely Piloted Aircraft training, RPAS Training and Drone Training.   

Course Dates

UAV Training – Remote Pilot Licence Training

Course Delivery & Locations

Our UAV Training Courses will be delivered by our experienced instructors primarily at our main base at Archerfield Airport. The courses will be delivered from other locations including the Gold Coast, Grafton NSW , Sunshine Coast and other locations based on demand. Our Course Locations include:

  • UAV Training Brisbane (Archerfield)
  • UAV Training Gold Coast
  • UAV Training Sunshine Coast
  • UAV Training Grafton NSW
  • Demand Locations – Contact Us.

Competitor Comparison (apples with apples)

When you are comparing our UAV Training Course and pricing to our competitors please consider the following. The qualifications of the instructors we employ, together with our industry partners, ensures you walk away from our training will everything completed and all the required paperwork is submitted to CASA. You will not have to visit flying schools trying to complete licence forms, radio exams or English language checks. Some points for you to consider:

  • We are an Aviation Company that operates manned and unmanned aircraft and therefore have a wealth of experience,
  • We hold CASA Aviation licences namely:
    • An Air Operators Certificate (AOC) – that authorises our manned aircraft operations,
    • Unmanned Operators Certificate (UOC) – that authorises our unmanned aircraft operations
  • You are attending this training to obtain an Aviation Pilot Licence (the Remote Pilot Licence) and its privileges.  Therefore an aviation company is best positioned to provide you with this training,
  • We train from our Aviation Base at Archerfield Airport which has flight school facilities,
  • All of our instructors hold at least a Commercial Pilot licence which ensures you are taught by experienced aviators in manned and unmanned aircraft.

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