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Drone Photography

We operate a number of photography drone that carry various camera payloads to meet client needs.  We can produce 24MP–36MP imagery and High Definition quality video.  Photography Drones provide that unique aerial view that has not previously been possible and provides that WOW factor.

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Drone Photography

Aerial Hotshots operates a number of drone photography units to service our client needs. These photography drones provide that unique low level aerial view that has not previously been possible.  To find out more about our drones and camera equipment see the About our Drones page which includes a Drone and Camera comparison.

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About Our Photography Drones

Aerial Hotshots operate a number of drone platforms to service client needs.  Our photography drones carry various camera payloads from 24MP – 36MP Imagery and HD video.  These platforms provide that unique aerial view but the end product is very different and the cost to operate increases with capabilities.

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Legal Use of Drones

Small drones may look like toys but they are not and can only be operated by approved companies and only flown by licensed pilots and in accordance with legislation.

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Where We Can Operate Drones

Drones CANNOT operate over a populated area unless the risk to persons or property can be mitigated.

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Drone Video Examples

Here is an examples of drone video captured at the beautiful O’Reiilys Canungra Winery.  This is the type of product you can expect when ordering drone videos from us. We have a variety of video drones and camera payloads to choose from.

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Drone Photography Examples

Here you will find examples of previous assignments we have completed.  Drone photography produces that wow factor.

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