//Face to Face 4 Day Classroom – ‘RePL – Contact us for Dates

Face to Face 4 Day Classroom – ‘RePL – Contact us for Dates

$1,995.45 AUD


Aerial Hotshots has been in operation for 10 years.  We are an ‘Aviation & RPA’ Company and operate commercially in the Industry. We have much more to offer than just a Theory School.

This is a CASA Certified Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) – 4 Day Face to Face at our office and the Flying Field. 

The Course Consists of 2 Parts:

  1. Classroom Theory, and
  2. Field Flying

(1) The Classroom time consists of:

  1. Delivery of Remote Pilot theory based on CASA course syllabus
  2. Practical Assessment – Completion of Job Safety Assessment (JSA)
  3. Exam (CASA Approved Exam)

(3) The Field time consists of building the 5 hours of flight time required for your licence to a safe and competent standard.

The theory component of the course consists of the following:

  • Basic Aviation Knowledge for RPA,
  • Meteorology for RPA,
  • Human Performance for RPA,
  • Electrical and Electrical Systems for RPA,
  • Operation Rules and Rules of the Air (Air Law),
  • Airspace & Charts,
  • RPA Operations:
    • Risk Management
    • Completing the Job Safety Assessment

Completion of the Course

On successfully completing the complete course, you will be issued with a Remote Pilot Licence from CASA for any multi rotor under 7kg.


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